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It Started with a Camera

I'm, "one of those people". I like to take photos of my food. All. The. Time

I'm pretty sure Jason hates it. We will be at a restaurant and as soon as a dish comes to the table, out comes my phone to snap that picture and throw it up on the nearest social media platform, or Yelp, or my Mom, Chrissy, Noelle, Samantha, Meredith..., (insert any of my friends' names here).

It's become a bit of an obsession, but hear me out for a second here. I think culinary presentation, and the craft of creating that dish, is an artform like none other. I take photos and share them with the world because I'm either A) so proud of the work that I/Jason put into the dish, or B) so impressed by the work of another. I know I'm not alone in the world of sharing their food pictures.....there's an actual hashtag called #foodporn and I swear Mom...I didn't make that up.

Anyhoo...the point of this blog came from inspiration from my amazing partner in crime, and best friend, Jason. He's started his own video blogging journey and it lit a fire under my own butt to get on the food blog I've talked about for years.

We have been dating for just about 2 years now and throughout out journey together, we have taken quite the enjoyment in crafting a gourmet meal for the other about once a week. I do the majority of the day-to-day cooking, (we try to meal prep and eat a balanced diet of rationed macros that I won't bore you with) but once a week, we have what we call "reward day". This is our weekly opportunity for one of us to either get creative in the kitchen, or explore a new restaurant in the DFW area.

The challenge we have always had, is that all the amazing cookbooks and blogs of the world are crafted for servings of 4+, leaving us with a ton of leftovers that end up going to waste. I despise wasting food...I can hear my Grandma (mom's side) giving me a huge guilt trip for leaving the children in Poland hungry at night. I'm also no where near close to becoming the next mathematician super genius, and constantly re-doing the serving portions for each line item of instructions becomes more stress than fun, which is the point of cooking...hello.

Enter the solution of my blog. My hope is that those that visit find inspiration for their next date night or reward day meal. By tailoring the original recipes and reformatting them to provide about two servings of the suggested portions from the original content, my goal is to bring less stress, and more enjoyment in the cooking process. Cooking is such a fun, relaxing and romantic way to impress another human being (Jason cooked for me when we first started dating). Or when you are indulging and want to ensure there won't be leftovers for the next day, this is your place to be.

My goal is to post up about one posting a week with a new recipe, and eventually will start a collection of recipes that range from meats, to meatless. From appetizers, to entrees. Desserts, and everything in-between. I'm always looking forward to the engagement and conversation these postings will bring, and will also be looking for inspiration from my readers on what to cook next.

Happy cooking everyone! I can't wait to bring you along this journey with me.


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