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Maybe you are looking for inspiration to impress that special someone with a home cooked meal.


Maybe you are looking to celebrate your reward day, but don't want to create leftovers.


Maybe you're my mom and you've stopped by to check in on what your daughter is up to.


Whatever your reason, #Party4Two has meals and recipes adapted for two servings! Check out the recipes above, join the conversation and Ieave us recommendations on what to cook next.

Happy cooking! 

July 6, 2018

Jason and I spent the last week in New Orleans, Louisiana. I was there primarily for a work event, but we got a little time squeezed in to experience the culinary culture of this amazing, unique and absolutely delicious part of the country. And, of course, my camera wa...

June 18, 2018

If you haven't tried couscous before, this is a great option for side dishes! It soaks up so much flavor from the chicken stock and other stuff...you just can't go wrong with this as a side dish. (It's not vegetarian as is, but if you swap out the chicken stock for veg...

June 13, 2018

So...here it is! My first recipe blog....

Eating healthy can be really hard, just try to have that conversation next time with your doctor. I recently did, and we both ended the conversation laughing because we both understood just how ridiculous the topic of nutrition...

June 7, 2018

I'm, "one of those people". I like to take photos of my food. All. The. Time

I'm pretty sure Jason hates it. We will be at a restaurant and as soon as a dish comes to the table, out comes my phone to snap that picture and throw it up on the nearest social media platform...

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